1. College Offers & Commitments // Class of 2023

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Posted June 30, 2022 | Bret

With the majority of specialists historically being recruited the latest, all the way through the summer following their senior year, a number of Kohl's Kicking, Punting, and Long Snapping athletes in the Class of 2023 have found early success with great performances at Kohl's events, during their seasons, and at college camps.

Offers and commitments will continue to happen for the Class of 2023 through their upcoming season and into the summer following their senior year.

Offers & Commitments // Class of 2023

K/PAddison, BryceFLCommitted: Mercer
KAllen, CarsonGAOffered: Mississippi State
KAlvano, TristanNEOffered: Air Force
KAnderson, StoneMAOffered: Boston College*, Michigan*
LSArias, AidenFLCommitted: NC State*
K/PBarker, RyanPACommitted: Penn State*
LSBird, DavidAZOffered: University of California
K/PBrantley, StephenNCOffered: Virginia Tech*
K/PBurthardt, BraydenMOOffered: Culver Stockton
K/PByerley III, WinNCOffered: Notre Dame*
KCapriotti, RyanMDOffered: University of Buffalo*
KCarpenter, SamuelMACommitted: Indiana*
K/PCastle, JoeyPAOffered: Buffalo*, Notre Dame College
KCraig, BlakeMOCommitted: Missouri
K/PDavis, JonVAOffered: Averett University, Ferrum College
LSDiaz, DominicFLOffered: FIU*
K/PDuley, DeclanILOffered: Troy
K/PDuran, EmilioOHOffered: Harvard, Yale, Army, Princeton, Columbia
K/PFain, JacksonFLOffered: Trinity International University
K/PFerrie, KyleARCommitted: Mississippi State*
K/PFlintoft, AidanCACommitted: Stanford*
LSFortner, JoeyILOffered: Yale*
LSFoundas, MasonMDOffered: Grinnell College*
LSFranke, JordanWIOffered: Ripon College*
K/PGriffith, ReiceFLOffered: Army, Air Force
K/PHammond III, RobertFLOffered: Tennessee State, Army
LSHimebauch, WalkerCOOffered: Coastal Carolina*, Hawaii*, Washington*
PHudlow, WilliamLACommitted: Tulane*
K/PJames, KalebMOOffered: Benedictine College
K/PJones-McNally, CordellMIOffered: Michigan*
K/PKasee, AlexanderOHOffered: Buffalo*
K/PKeeney, ReeseTNOffered: Rice*
K/PKennedy, JoshTXOffered: Arkansas Monticello
LSKluver, JakeIAOffered: Grandview*
LSKros, AndrewKYCommitted: Notre Dame*
KLaster, GeorgeTNCommitted: Navy
LSLe Blanc, BrettWIOffered: Air Force
K/PLeinen, StephenIAOffered: Benedictine College
K/PLevant, RomanPAOffered: Army
LSMarszalek, ColeAZOffered: Texas State
K/PMcClannan, SimonNEOffered: Peru State, Nebraska*, SDSU
PMcGrath, CalebMNCommitted: Minnesota*
LSMckeown, KadenGAOffered: Grinnell College*, Samford*
K/PMillmore, RyanILOffered: Air Force
K/PMitchell, DavidGAOffered: Warner University, SE Missouri
LSMowrey, JackNCOffered: Liberty*
KOlano, DavidILCommitted: Illinois
KPace, WillFLOffered: Grinnell College*
LSParent, PiersonLAOffered: Tulane*
PPerez, RippGACommitted: Air Force
LSPhillips, AustinTXOffered: UTSA*
K/PRadicic, NicolasTXCommitted: Indiana
KReddick, GrantFLOffered: Air Force, UCF
KReed, NicholasNYOffered: Buffalo*
K/PRichardson, CamdenVAOffered: Hampden-Sydney College, Ferrum College
LSRocchietti, CoreyTNOffered: Austin Peay State*
K/PRogers, JaydenAZOffered: Arizona Christian University
KSamaha, AdamMICommitted: Michigan*
KSavino, LukeNYOffered: Sacred Heart University
LSSchaub, DylanTXCommitted: Baylor*
PShenouda, MarkTNOffered: Tennessee State
K/PShrewsbury, BenTNOffered: Liberty*
LSSmith, XanderPAOffered: Buffalo*
KStoddard, TreyALOffered: University of North Alabama
K/PTaylor, BrockTNOffered: Tennessee Tech, Air Force
LSTribbett, MorganCOOffered: Nevada*
K/PWeighall, LoganALOffered: Birmingham Southern College
K/PWhite, TylerTXCommitted: Texas A&M
K/PWilke, BrysonOffered: Arizona Christian
K/PWilliams, PalmerNCOffered: Air Force, Army, Uconn*, Baylor
KWoodring, PeytonLACommitted: University of Georgia
KZhao, AlanMDOffered: Penn State*

Class of 2024 // Early Look, Early Offers

KMurray, AbramLAOffered: Miami, Arkansas
KWeinberg, JakeFLOffered: FAU, Youngstown State
K/PMyers, LukePACommitted: Villanova

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