1. Professional Coaching Staff

    The most full-time coaches in the industry


Mission Statement

"Our goal is to help every motivated athlete attain their maximum level of performance in kicking, punting, and snapping. We want to teach our athletes the correct techniques and practice habits that will allow them to reach their full potential. We will help the athletes who prove to be talented enough to move up to the next level in football. We want our camps/private lessons to be run in a way that each athlete gains from our staff's expertise and insight. Football can be a great teacher about life and we want each Kohl's athlete more prepared to succeed in the game of football and also in the bigger game of life." - January 2000

National Staff

Jamie Kohl

Camp Director

Coach Jamie Kohl is the director for Kohl's Professional Camps. He trains many current NFL starters and ranks athletes nationally for Kohl's and ESPN. He started Kohl's camps with his father John Kohl and brother Andy Kohl in 2000 and is widely viewed as the most creditable source for NFL and college coaches. He's seen specialists thrive as a full-time kicking consultant formerly for the Chicago Bears and currently for the Carolina Panthers.

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Casey Casper

National Lead Long Snapping Coach & Evaluator

Coach Casey Casper serves as the national lead long snapping coach for Kohl's Snapping Camps and stands as one of the most respected long snapping coaches in the country, coaching many snappers to the NFL ranks. He handles Kohl's National Long Snapper Rankings and the ESPN snapper rankings. He also selects the snappers to participate in the Under Armour and Blue-Grey All-American Games.

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Luke Radke

National Lead Coach & Evaluator

Coach Luke Radke has coached many kickers and punters to success at the high school, collegiate, and NFL levels. As a top administrator in the Kohl's organization he plays a large role in the Kohl's National Rankings process, ESPN's annual evaluations, and Under Armour All-American team selections.

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Bret Culbertson

National Lead Coach & Digital Media

Coach Bret Culbertson has coached thousands of athletes across the nation to success at the collegiate and NFL levels as one of our lead national coaches. With a heavy background in the video/media industry, Coach Culbertson also serves as the Kohl's digital media and video coordinator.

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Heidi Epperson

Registration & Logistics Manager

Heidi is Kohl's office manager. She oversees the majority of Kohl's day to day operations.

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NFL Athletes/Kohl's Coaches

Thomas Morstead

NY Jets // Pro Bowl Punter

Thomas Morstead has been with Kohl's for 20 years. The former walk-on has formed a tight bond with the Kohl's staff, as they've been with him since he went from a player who was overlooked to one of the best in the world.

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Dustin Hopkins

Cleveland Browns

Dustin Hopkins began his training with the Kohl's staff in junior high, and has continued throughout his NFL career. After being drafted in the 6th round to the Buffalo Bills in 2013, Dustin eventually found his way to the Washington Redskins, LA Chargers, and is currently starting for the Cleveland Browns.

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Riley Dixon

Denver Broncos

Riley Dixon has grown close to the Kohl's staff after training throughout his college career and in preparation for his eventual draft pick to the Denver Broncos in the 2016 NFL Draft.

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Jake Elliott

Philadelphia Eagles

Elliott was late to the college recruiting game but dominated the Kohl's Midwest Showcase, earning himself a scholarship to Memphis at the last minute. Elliott continued to work with the Kohl's staff throughout his college career and in prep for his 5th round pick in the NFL Draft.

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Wil Lutz

Denver Broncos

Wil Lutz was a standout kicker at the Kohl's College Elite Camp, and stood out as a top performer during the 2016 Kohl's Kicking Pro Combine. Lutz now starts for the Denver Broncos.

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Nick Sundberg

Washington Redskins

12-Year NFL veteran long snapper Nick Sundberg has grown close to the Kohl's staff in the past few years. His genuine care and desire to help aspiring athletes makes Sundberg a special coach and mentor, and a tremendous fit with the Kohl's Snapping Division.

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Hunter Bradley

NFL Veteran (LS)

Hunter Bradley was drafted by the Green Bay Packers. He was a standout at the Kohl's Pro Combine going into his NFL Draft year, and has built a strong bond with the Kohl's Snapping Staff through training while at Mississippi State through his current NFL career.

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Harrison Butker

Kansa City Chiefs

Chandler Catanzaro

New York Jets

Chandler Catanzaro is a great walk-on to NFL starter story. After hearing much about the Kohl's organization, Catanzaro joined the Kohl's Kicking staff for training going into his NFL Draft eligible year.

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Bradley Pinion

Atlanta Falcons

Bradley Pinion once charted a 100-yard kickoff at a Kohl's showcase in high school. He went on to have a great career at Clemson before being drafted by the San Francisco 49ers, training with Kohl's Kicking through the draft process as well.

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Marquette King

NFL Veteran

Marquette King burst onto the scene after stepping on an airplane for the first time in his life, headed for the Kohl's Kicking College Elite Camp. King has grown very close with the Kohl's Staff, traveling the country and showing he's one of the hardest working punters in the game.

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Matt Darr

NFL Veteran (Miami Dolphins)

Darr became known as the "road warrior" to the Kohl's staff throughout high school, college and leading up to his NFL rookie season, driving across country every chance he had to get training with the Kohl's coaching staff, and to compete against other top punters in attendance.

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Tim Masthay

8-Year NFL Veteran

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Zane Gonzalez

2017 NFL Draft Pick - Arizona Cardinals

Daniel Carlson

Oakland Raiders (K) | Kohl's Coach

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Greg Joseph

Minnesota Vikings

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Matt Haack

Indianapolis Colts

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Eddy Pineiro

Carolina Panthers

Eddy Pineiro jumped into training with the Kohl's Kicking staff after landing a successful career at the University of Florida. Pineiro trained with the staff at the College Elite Camp, and followed it up with private training leading up the the NFL Draft.

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Regional Training Division Leaders

Jacob Dombrowski

Ann Arbor Training Division

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Anthony Giugliano

South Carolina & ATL Training Division

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Joe Gardener

Chicago Training Division

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Tony Bugeja

South Florida Training Division

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Morgan Lineberry

Dallas Training Division

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Steven Clark

Alabama Training Division

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Eddie Mish

New Jersey Training Division

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Scott Groner

Colorado Training Division

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Jeff Martin

Pittsburgh Training Division

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Nick Croak

Milwaukee Division Leader

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Todd Wellmann

Indianapolis Training Division

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Diego Marquez

Los Angeles Training Division

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Rob Stein

Boston/Hartford Training Division

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Nick DiCairano

Boston Training Division

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Emmit Carpenter

Minnesota Training Division

Full Bio

Kirk Maggio

Baltimore Training Division

Full Bio

Austin Errthum

Iowa & Kansas City Training Divisions

Full Bio

Gavin Baechle

Dallas Training Division/Small Groups

Full Bio

Dan Madden

Cleveland Training Division

Full Bio

Dalton Witherspoon

Houston Training Division

Full Bio

Justin Yoon

Knoxville & Nashville Training Division

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Clark Smith

Alabama Training Division (LS)

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Regional Coaching Staff

Matt Starr

Florida Training Division Assistant Coach

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Robby LaPlante

Regional Assistant Coach

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Colby Delahoussaye


Drew Brown


Chris Highland

Regional Snapping Coach

Full Bio

Devon Bell

Mississippi Area Coach

Full Bio

Rafael Gaglianone

University Of Wisconsin

CJ Stockel

Atlanta Training Division

Full Bio

Jeff Budzien


Winston Chapman

Miami Dolphins- Long Snapper

Will Monday

Cincinnati/NFL Free Agent

Connor Allen

University of Wisconsin

Jeff Dellenbach

15 Year NFL Vet/Miami Dolphins

Drew Galitz

Baylor University

Grey Ruegamer

10-Year NFL Veteran- Long Snapper

Ben Lecompte

North Dakota State

Johnny Townsend

University of Florida

Bentlee Critcher

Appalachian State

Clark Reidel

UW- Stout

Tyler Bugeja

Findlay University

Taylor Symmank

Minnesota Vikings

Brett Baer

Houston Training Division

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Blaine Sidders

Assistant Coach

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Additional Staff

Wesley Horky-

Oklahoma- Snapping

Ty Cummings

University of Houston

Corey Acosta

Southern Miss/ NFL Free Agent

Kris Albarado

Former USC Kicker/NFL Free Agent

AJ Cole

NC State

Jed Barnett


Ricky Aguayo

Florida State Kicker

Collin Downing

Iowa State

Alex Boy

Utah State/NFL Prospect

Jake Hartbarger

Michigan State

Mike Buddenberg

Akron- Snapping

Trent Domingue


Austin Frey

Texas A&M

Corey Fatony


Kyle Federico


Joe Figenshaw

Sam Houston State

Miles Bergner

South Dakota

Spencer Smith

University of Memphis

Alec Finney

Sacred Heart

Austin Jones


Bob Forstrom

St. Norberts College

Ryan Frain


Stephen Gabbard

Florida State

Cameron Gamble


Joseph Gideon

Indiana University

Matt Keller


Ross Matiscik

Baylor University

Diego Gonzalez

University of Colorado

Daniel LaCamera

Texas A&M

Brett Hartmann

Former Houston Texans

Cole Hedlund


Ike Powell

Auburn University- Long Snapping

Zach Hocker

Arkansas/Washington Redskins

Greg Hohenstein

Bowling Green

Jon Croft Hollingsworth


Alex Kinney


Colton Lichtenberg

Boston College

Ryan Hawkins

Northern Arizona

Tommy Openshaw


Braden Mann

Texas A&M

Austin Crimmins


Leo Manzo

Livingstone College

Michael Marando

Fordham University

Parker Davidson

New Mexico State

Ross Martin

Duke/ NY Jets

JJ Molson


Ben Armer

Western Michigan

Trevor Moore

North Texas

Brett Nethery

University of Wisconsin

Cole Netten

Iowa State

Dax Dellenbach

Folrida State/Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tyler Newsome

Notre Dame

Chris Blewitt

University of Pittsburgh

Hunter Lawrence


Nick Rose

University of Texas

Zach Paul

Akron/ NFL Free Agent

Louie Zervos

Ohio University

Dillon Kidd

Iowa/ NFL Free Agent

Caleb Berry


Eric Piccione

Northwestern State

Josh Pollack


John Potter

Buffalo Bills Draft Pick

Bobby Puyol


Tavish Rice

University of Penn

Jeff Riney

Notre Dame

Ryan Rodwell

Georgia Tech

Logan Tyler

Florida State

Gary Wunderlich

Ole Miss

Ryan Santoso

University Of Minnesota

Luc Swimberghe

Sam Houston State

Aaron Medley


Joshua Techeira

Robert Morris

Tommy Townsend

University of Florida

Cameron Van Winkle

University of Washington

Kaare Vedvik

Marshall University

Joshua Williams


Nick Wirsching

UW- Oshkosh- Long Snapping

Wyatt Bryan

Colorado State

Bennett Moehring


Tucker McCann


Peter Mortell

Minnesota/NFL Free Agent

Nick Dowd

Miami (OH)

Alex Ng


Riley Patterson


Christian Hagan

Northern Illinois

Luke Strebel

Air Force

James Fisher

North Dakota State

Jack Fox


Trevor Daniel

University of Tennessee

Caleb Lightbourn

University of Nebraska

Adam Bay

University Of Wisconsin- Long Snapping

Ryan Jones

University of Cincinnati

Robert Randolph


Connor Lee

University of Pittsburgh

Carey Spear


Daniel Conroy

Michigan State

Dave Schwerman

University of Minnesota

Ryan Pentimalli

MN State Mankato- Snapping

Grant Mahoney

Iowa State

Kyle Harris

South Dakota State

Kyle Nelson

San Francisco 49'ers- Long Snapping

Dan Hutchins

University of Pittsburgh

Kyle French

University of Wisconsin

Austin Wittmer

Missouri State

Jesse Von Behren

AFL- Long Snapping

Jay Karutz

Eastern Michigan

Keenyn Crier


Nick Holland


Pat Smith


Jeff Schebler

UW- Whitewater

Ben Parks

Baylor University

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