1. Joseph Evans

    Joseph Evans

    Height: 6" 0' | Weight: 150lbs

    Class of 2023 | OH

    Kicker Rating:

    Punter Rating:

    Kohl's Comments

    Evans recently competed at the 2022 Kohl’s Midwest Spring Showcase where he displayed great consistency in his technique. He had multiple punts over 35+ yards, added in 8 points during the field goal charting and finished with an average score on kickoffs of 97.5 points. Evans has all of the tools to be a strong combo prospect but he must improve his strength to help with his explosiveness through ball contact. Evans attended his first Kohl’s Ranking event at the Kohl’s National Scholarship Camp in July of 2021. His “A” ball on kickoffs was impressive of 64-yards with 3.6 seconds of hang time and with some refinement to his technique he will see his “A” ball more often. He also showed that he can perform the roll out punt with confidence by scoring in each of the charting sessions. Evans can grow in confidence which will see him ready to compete at the next level. He is a talented young prospect with a bright future ahead of him as a combo specialist.


      Ranking Camp Results


      Charting data for Joseph is unavailable at this time.

      Training Camp Results

      04/23/2022Toledo, OH - 1 Day Training Camp
      03/12/2022Charlotte, NC - 1 Day Training Camp
      06/28/2021Cleveland, OH - 1 Day Training Camp


      Distance: 68.00 yards – Hang time: 3.34
      Distance: 62.00 yards – Hang time: 3.41
      Distance: 54.00 yards – Hang time: 2.84
      Average Distance: 61.33 yards  |  Average Hang Time: 3.20 seconds


      Distance: 37.00 yards – Hang time: 3.87
      Distance: 34.00 yards – Hang time: 3.58
      Distance: 33.00 yards – Hang time: 3.09
      Average Distance: 34.67 yards  |  Average Hang Time: 3.51 seconds


      Distance: 58.00 yards – Hang time: 3.57
      Distance: 53.00 yards – Hang time: 3.47
      Distance: 52.00 yards – Hang time: 3.44
      Average Distance: 54.33 yards  |  Average Hang Time: 3.49 seconds


      Distance: 35.00 yards – Hang time: 3.00
      Distance: 33.00 yards – Hang time: 3.15
      Distance: 24.00 yards – Hang time: 2.60
      Average Distance: 30.67 yards  |  Average Hang Time: 2.92 seconds


      Distance: 64.00 yards – Hang time: 3.35
      Distance: 59.00 yards – Hang time: 3.43
      Distance: 56.00 yards – Hang time: 3.47
      Average Distance: 59.67 yards  |  Average Hang Time: 3.42 seconds


      Distance: 36.00 yards – Hang time: 3.55
      Distance: 35.00 yards – Hang time: 3.24
      Distance: 34.00 yards – Hang time: 3.43
      Average Distance: 35.00 yards  |  Average Hang Time: 3.41 seconds

      Weekly Game Stats

      Weekly stats for Joseph are unavailable at this time.

      Season Stats

      Season stats for Joseph are unavailable at this time.

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