1. Gold Package

Kohl's Gold Package gives you a Showcase Camp, 1 or 2 Day Training Camp, and Advanced Player Profile for a single bundled price. With the Gold Package you can save up to $300 and get fully equipped to perform your best this season and catch the attention of coaches and scouts.

Find out more details about each of the items included in the package:

  • Kohl's Showcase Camp
  • Koh's Training Camp (1-Day or 2-Day)
  • Kohl's Advanced Player Profile


  • The National Invitational Scholarship Camp is NOT included in the Gold Package.
  • The Gold Package can only be used for new camp registrations, it is not valid for camps you have already registered for. To register for the camps, first purchase the Gold Package, once that is completed you may register for the Showcase and/or Training camp(s) and enter the code during checkout to get them for free.
  • The Gold Package coupons will only work with the same Kohl's website login as used to purchase the Gold Package.
  • The Gold Package provides you with an Advanced Player Profile which will be activated immediately and valid for one year.

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