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    Proven NFL Opportunity

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Posted January 29, 2024 | Bret

2024 Kohl's Pro Combine // Proven NFL Opportunity

In its 10th year, the annual Kohl's Pro Combine is again set to provide one of the most legitimate opportunities for specialists to be seen by NFL, CFL, UFL coaches, general managers, scouts, and player personnel. With NFL rules restricting NFL coaches and personnel to evaluate Draft Eligible Seniors in person-- aside from their individual Pro Day and limited spots at the NFL Combine, the Kohl's Pro Combine video broadcast has proven to be the most legitimate way for draft-eligible specialists to compete in front of NFL personnel, and a great way for free agents to also take advantage of a captive audience during the Kohl's Video Broadcast.

To date the video broadcasts of the annual event have collectively garnered 2.5 million public views, with last year's Kohl's Pro Combine being viewed by personnel from 32 of the 32 NFL teams.



Legitimate NFL Interest

Staged on a private page for coaches to view player information and video, analytics are tracked with viewership from close to every NFL team each year. Last year personnel from all 32 NFL teams viewed the video finals from this event. The general public video broadcasts of competition finals from this event have collectively garnered over 2.5 million public views to date.

Athletes Earning NFL Opportunities

As a stepping stone for now NFL specialists like Ethan Evans (Rams), Ryan Stonehouse (Titans), Wil Lutz (Broncos), AJ Cole (Raiders), Ryan Wright (Vikings), Logan Cooke (Jaguars), and many more-- the opportunity is wide open to NFL Draft eligible and free agent kickers, punters, and long snappers.

In the first 9 years, the Kohl's Pro Combine has seen 108 kickers, punters, and long snappers from the annual event earn NFL opportunities with teams. 31 have gone on to start in NFL regular season games.

Overall, 69 Kohl's athletes started in the NFL regular season in 2023, and a good chunk previously attended the Kohl's Pro Combine, or trained with the Kohl's staff up until the NFL Draft. 81 started in the 2023 NFL Preseason.

36 of the last 46 kickers, punters, and long snappers selected in the NFL Draft have worked with the Kohl's Staff-- including all 6 drafted in the 2023 NFL Draft.

A few of the Kohl's Pro Combine alumni starting in games in 2023 were Ryan Stonehouse (Titans), Will Lutz (Broncos), Logan Cooke (Jaguars), Chase McLaughlin (Bucs), Tabor Peppers (49ers), Mitch Fraboni (Broncos), Ryan Wright (Vikings), Greg Joseph (Vikings), Blake Gillikin (Cardinals), and more.

Following his appearance in the Kohl's Pro Combine, Ryan Stonehouse (Titans) went on to brake the NFL single-season record for punt average as an undrafted free agent. Punt finalist Ryan Wright also found a home with the Vikings while long snapper Mitch Fraboni is still starting for the Denver Broncos.

Last year's Pro Combine was a breakout performance for punter Ethan Evans to jumpstart his career. Ethan Evans went largely unscouted as a D2 athlete and ended up winning the Kohl's Pro Combine earning him multiple NFL tryouts. Shortly after, he was selected by the Rams in the 2023 NFL Draft.

The Event

Over a series of charting sessions and competitions, top athletes have ample opportunity to separate themselves and earn a chance to perform in front of NFL coaches and player personnel in a video broadcast of the event finals. During the finals, kickers and punters are given a number of reps to showcase their ability, in addition to the competition. Long Snappers are given a series of reps to showcase their snapping, blocking, footwork, and release down field.


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