1. Cooper Bolton

    Cooper Bolton

    Height: 6" 1' | Weight: 150lbs

    Class of 2025 | MA

    Kicker Rating:

    Kohl's Comments

    Bolton competed at the Kohl's Eastern Showcase in May of 2022. He had some impressive hits at camp and showed above his age level with his leg talent. He had a 62-yard 3.03 second hang time kickoff which allowed us to see that he has the leg talent required to be a successful specialist over the upcoming years.


      Ranking Camp Results


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      Training Camp Results

      07/30/2022Boston, MA - 2 Day Training Camp
      03/12/2022Charlotte, NC - 1 Day Training Camp


      Distance: 63.00 yards – Hang time: 3.34
      Distance: 56.00 yards – Hang time: 3.16
      Distance: 55.00 yards – Hang time: 3.12
      Average Distance: 58.00 yards  |  Average Hang Time: 3.21 seconds


      Distance: 31.00 yards – Hang time: 3.24
      Distance: 31.00 yards – Hang time: 3.84
      Distance: 18.00 yards – Hang time: 3.31
      Average Distance: 26.67 yards  |  Average Hang Time: 3.46 seconds


      Distance: 53.00 yards – Hang time: 3.38
      Distance: 44.00 yards – Hang time: 3.03
      Distance: 35.00 yards – Hang time: 1.47
      Average Distance: 44.00 yards  |  Average Hang Time: 2.63 seconds


      Distance: 29.00 yards – Hang time: 3.65
      Distance: 26.00 yards – Hang time: 3.00
      Distance: 19.00 yards – Hang time: 2.35
      Average Distance: 24.67 yards  |  Average Hang Time: 3.00 seconds

      Weekly Game Stats

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      Season Stats

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