1. Australian & Roll-out Punt Training Camps

    Specific camps for learning aussie punt and roll-out punt techniques

Aussie Punt

Australian & Roll-out Punt Specialty Camps Camps

We are excited to bring our athletes the opportunity to learn from an Australian Rugby Professional.

Kohl’s Kicking Coach Joe Gardener has played Professional Rugby all over the world and brings his knowledge of the roll-out and Aussie-style pooch punt to this Aussie Punting Specialty Camp.

Coach Gardener brings the Kohl's Kicking staff extensive knowledge in Aussie End-over-end Pooch Punt and also the Aussie Roll-out Punt that is being used more and more at both the high school and collegiate football levels. Kohl's recommends serious college punting prospects become proficient in this style of punt.

Various training opportunities will be posted to this page once available. This may include private lessons, full camps covering roll-out punting, or mini teaching sessions following major Kohl's Kicking events.

Gardener Joe Aussie Punt

NFL punter Marquette King learns Aussie-style punt methods from Coach Joe Gardener

Joe Running Rugby

Coach Gardener playing for the Portugal National Team

There are no Australian & Roll-out Punt Specialty Camps camps scheduled at this time.

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