1. Jacksonville, FL - 1 Day Training Camp

    Bartram Trail High School
    02/07/2021 – 02/07/2021

Training Camp Small Camp

Official Camp Results


NameClassStateHeightWeightFGD#1H#1D#2H#2D#3H#3Avg. DistanceAvg. Hang TimeScore
NameClassStateHeightWeightFGD#1H#1D#2H#2D#3H#3Avg. DistanceAvg. Hang TimeScore
Kody A.2023GA 5' 10"16066.003.7865.003.8865.003.69 65.33 3.78 103.17
Evan R.2024FL 5' 6"12050.002.8548.002.6933.002.60 43.67 2.71 70.80
Charlie R.2025FL 5' 4"10549.003.2248.002.9149.003.25 48.67 3.13 79.93
Jonathan S.2022GA 5' 8"14056.003.1254.003.5758.003.40 56.00 3.36 89.63
Tarik S.2022FL 6' 0"18561.003.4056.002.6253.002.53 56.67 2.85 85.17
Tyler S.2025FL 5' 10"13548.002.5645.002.8140.002.45 44.33 2.61 70.40
Grandin W.2022FL 5' 11"19756.003.3761.003.2558.003.21 58.33 3.28 91.10


NameClassStateHeightWeightAvg. DistanceAvg. Hang TimeTime DeductionScore
NameClassStateHeightWeightAvg. DistanceAvg. Hang TimeTime DeductionScore

Field Goals

There have been no snapping attempts recorded for this camp.

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