1. Transfer Portal: Rules & Things to Consider

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Posted April 15, 2024 | Bret

Bret Culbertson // Kohl's National Coaching Staff

With the transfer portal opening on April 16th in the 2024 cycle, a number of kickers, punters, and snappers are entering the transfer portal. If you are considering entering, there are a few things you should know going in, and a few ways the Kohl's Staff can help.

  • If you are a K, P, or LS entering, or are currently in the transfer portal, please email bret@kohlskicking.com to get you on our master list for college coaches.

Real Talk: Know The Risk

While many may be excited about potential new opportunities with transferring, please remember that nothing is guaranteed in the portal. It can be a great, life-changing decision for some, but at the same time, a dead-end for others. There is no overall blue-print, as every athlete's situation is different. Athletes need to take a deep dive into their motivations, current situation, and future goals before weighing the option of entering the transfer portal.

Transfer Portal Window

  • Transfer Window: April 16th - April 30th, 2024

During the window, players can submit their name to their athletic compliance department and officially enter the transfer portal. You may transfer schools at any time after that, but you must declare and enter the portal during the 15-day window.

Exceptions To Transfer Window

  • Graduate transfers who have obtained their degree may enter the transfer portal at any time, as they've fulfilled undergraduate requirements the NCAA requires.
  • If a head coach is fired during the season, athletes on that team immediately have a 30-day window to enter the transfer portal if they would like to communicate with other teams.

Notable Points

  • During this April Window, you DO NOT need to sit out this next season if you transfer. The exception to this is if you transfer cross-conference in the SEC. If you transfer from one SEC school to another, you must sit out this next season.
  • By rule, you may not communicate with other teams unless you are in the portal.
  • If you are currently on scholarship, once you enter the portal your current school has NO OBLIGATION to honor your scholarship and can pull it at any time
  • If you pull out of the portal and decide to stay, your current program has no obligation to give you back your scholarship

Should you transfer?

This is a personal decision and can only be made by you alone, and should not be taken lightly. First, you need to figure out your life goals, academic goals, and then your football goals. Then, you need to consider every scenario that can happen if you enter the portal. Will transferring put you closer to those goals, or are you achieving a majority of your goals off the football field at the school you are currently at? Make a decision that will help you long-term, and know the risks.

Things To Consider

  • Are you happy with your current football situation?
  • Are you happy with your college academics and social situation? (Think of how this affects your degree and social life as well)
  • Schools may not have scholarships available
  • How do you seriously compare to other college kickers, punters, or long snappers? Be realistic with yourself.
  • You might have an idea of schools in need from your research, but there are no promises on what spots are available or if you'll have a legitimate shot
  • There is no half-in half-out, or "Just seeing what's out there". The portal means you are fully committed to the transfer process and are ready to gamble your current situation.

How Kohl's Can Help

Kohl's will provide coaches with our master list of available college transfers as we always have. We will continue to keep the conversation open with coaches on kickers, punters, and long snappers available in the transfer portal

For some of the top specialists with game stats and in-game results, it will be easier than others to find homes during the 15-day spring window.

For others, you may still need to prove yourself, or you may not have had ample opportunity to get game stats and game film. It is extremely hard to transfer up or across a division without a fresh set of game statistics. It is much easier if you have game statistics or game film from the previous season.

The Kohl's National Showcase Tour in May will be open to college transfers. This will allow those who have entered the portal but have not been picked up by a school to receive a fresh set of verified statistics in a competitive setting, that is trusted by college coaches.

Dates & Locations: 2024 Kohl's National Showcase Tour

If you are a transfer kicker, punter, or long snapper please send me an email so we can include you on our master list:

  • Email: bret@kohlskicking.com

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