1. Talent Recap: Western Showcase

    2017 National Winter Showcase Tour

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Posted December 20, 2017 | Bret

The Western Showcase in Los Angeles proved to be a talented event. The Kohl's Staff was able to see many of the region's top kickers, punters, and long snappers during their stop in California on the 2017 National Winter Showcase Tour.


Top Performers

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2018 punter Collin Flintoft had an outstanding day. He won the punt competition, and hit multiple punts with over 5 seconds of hang time during the drill work phase.

Junior college transfer Patrick LeCorre also had a great day at camp. He finished second during the charting session at camp, first during kickoff charting, and made a total of 8-out-of-10 field goals during the morning session.

Another college transfer, Kekoa Sasaoka from Hawaii, had an outstanding day as well. He finished second during the charting phase on kickoffs with a score of 115.85. He made a total of 8 field goals out of 10 during the charting session in the morning.

Class of 2018 long snapper Seth MacKellar finished with a total of 53.5 points during charting, and one the snap competition held at the end of camp. MacKellar showed why he's one of the top ranked long snappers in America. 2019 snapper Jack Landherr also had a great camp, finishing with 54.5 points.

Harrison Avila, a college transfer punter, had the most outstanding punt charts during the morning session. His score of 123.28 shows that he has outstanding leg strength and hang time throughout the session.

2019 kicker Daniel Obarski from Arizona had an outstanding day. He made 7-of-10 charted field goals, and also finished third with a score of 115.45 during the kickoff phase. Nathan Halsell also had a great day on kickoffs, winning the camp-wide kickoff competition. He also showed well during the drill work evaluation phase of camp.

2018 kicker Eric Fellenzer showed extremely well during the afternoon. Fellenzer won the field goal competition and hit many outstanding punts during the drill work session.

Tanner Brown, Class of 2018 punter, also showed well throughout camp. He finished third in the punt charts and showed very well during the afternoon evaluation session. His score of 108.19 was outstanding.

2019 kickers Ethan Hoffman and Matthew Hoffman made a total of 8 kicks out of 10 during the charting session. Kicker Casey Jaeb also made 8 field goals during camp.

Transfer kicker KC Akubuo-onwuemeka had a great showing at camp making 8 of 10 charted kicks.

Long snapper Charles DeRosier placed third, scoring 53 points during the charting session.


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