1. Talent Recap: Southern Showcase

    2017 National Winter Showcase Tour

Southern Showcase

Posted January 10, 2018 | Bret

In what has historically been the largest showcase for specialists in the southwest, talent at the 2017 Winter Southern Showcase in Atlanta did not disappoint, even with the wet conditions.

>>Full Charting Results: View Southern Showcase Results

Class of 2020 kicker James Williams from Georgia showed very well at camp. He won the field goal competition and converted on 8 out of 10 charted field goals during the charting phase and finished in the top 7 of the kickoff charting phase in the morning.

Noah Holsinger, a 2018 kicker from Tennessee showed impressive leg strength by topping the kickoff charts at camp with a score of 108.25.

Class of 2019 kicker Anthony Rodriguez from Georgia also had a solid day. Rodriguez made 8 out of 10 field goals, and finished 3rd in the kickoff charting session of the event.

Pierson Cooke, a Class of 2018 kicker from Michigan, also showed well at camp. Cook won the camp-wide punt competition and finished 2nd in the kickoff charting session of the showcase.

Three Class of 2019 kickers had an outstanding showcase performance as well. Charlie Ham from Georgia, Matthew Quinn from Alabama, and Jared Wheatley from North Carolina all made 9 out of 10 charted field goal attempts. Wheatley also finished 3rd during the punt phase of camp with a score of 109.21.

Brooks Blaxton, a Class of 2018 punter from Alabama, showed outstanding consistency by winning the punt charting session with a score of 109.64. He was closely followed by Kyle Romenick, a 2019 punter from South Carolina.

Mason Napper, a Class of 2019 long snapper from Georgia, won the camp-wide snapping competition and finished 2nd during the charting phase with a score of 53 points.

Class of 2021 long snapper David Bertrand finished with an amazing total of 59.5 points at camp- a great score for a young prospect. Another young snapping prospect was Class of 2020 long snapper, Avery Miller, who finished with an impressive total of 48 snapping points.

>>Full Charting Results: View Southern Showcase Results

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