1. NOTICE: Long Snapping Target Dimension Changes for 2021 Kohl's Showcase Tour

Long Snapping Target

Posted April 14, 2021 | Casey

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Long Snap Target Change of Dimensions Notice

New in 2021, our staff will be slightly raising the height of the Kohl's standard long snapping targets used during the 2021 Kohl's National Showcase Tour and other Kohl's events.

After evaluating the target and sharing thoughts and ideas with a number of our NFL and collegiate long snappers and punters, we feel that raising the box height will better help us identify and separate talent with our long snapping evaluations. This will place the target box a bit higher above the knees, and around armpit height for an average collegiate punter's body-frame.

The new target height will slightly raise the target box to 24 inches off the ground, but the overall box dimensions will remain the same at 2' x 2'.

This will be the new standard for the 2021 Spring Showcase Tour and Kohl's events going forward. Get your practice in, and we'll see you on the field this spring!

Ls Target Copy

Modify Your Existing Long Snapping Target At Home

We know that many of you have a long snapping target at home that is similar to the Kohl's standard long snapping target. To modify your current target so you can still use it going forward, you can simply replace the target legs with two 21-inch PVC pipes-- like the picture diagram. This will raise the height to the new 24-inch standard. The Kohl's long snapping targets use 2" PVC pipe in diameter.

-- If you have any questions at all please reach out to Lead Long Snapping Coach and Evaluator, Coach Casey Casper at casey@kohlskicking.com

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