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Posted December 06, 2022 | Bret

The following is a list of college kickers, punters, and long snappers who are either in the transfer portal, have publicly announced intent to enter, or are general transfers who may not be with a school or are at a non-NCAA member institution.

We advise athletes to not take entering the portal lightly, and consider how it will affect your future not only on the field, but off the field. Make sure it is the right decision for you. You can read our blog on Key Transfer Rules & Considerations for more detailed information on making the decision to transfer.

Transfer Showcase // January 21-22 // Dallas, TX

For those top transfers who do not get picked up during December and may need more stats and video to prove themselves, the Kohl's staff will be holding their annual Transfer Showcase this January. The event finals are broadcast to college coaches across the country.

Kohl's Transfers or Have Publicly Announced Intent

FirstLastPosCurrent Div.Current SchoolYrs LeftCommitment
ZacharyAlvarezKD1 (FCS)Alabama A&M4
MatthewBaileyLSD1 (FBS)South Carolina
ReidBauerPD1 (FBS)Arkansas1Memphis
ZacharyBenedictKD1 (FBS)New Mexico4
ZacharyBillingsLSD1 (FBS)UNC Charlotte3
SpencerBiscoeKD1 (FCS)Colgate2
CadenBonoffskiKD1 (FCS)Davidson1
MichaelBowlesLSD1 (FCS)Campbell University3
JackBradyPD1 (FBS)Florida2
ColsonBrunnerLSD2Central Washington2
CharlesCampbellKD1 (FBS)IndianaTennessee
LowellCarrPD3Colby College
FranciscoCastroLSD1 (FBS)Arkansas3
JoeyChiavettaP/KJC or OtherTabor3
RyanCoeKD1 (FBS)CincinnatiUNC
JaylenColemanLSJC or OtherIvy Tech CC
LukeCreberK/PJC or OtherNorth American4
CollinCummingLSD2Barton College3
EddieCzaplickiPD1 (FBS)Arizona StateUSC
NicholaiDanielKD1 (FCS)Bethune-Cookman4
CadenDavisK/PD1 (FBS)Texas A&M2Ole Miss
AidenDickensPD1 (FBS)Toledo4
LeeDudleyLSD1 (FBS)Virginia
TuckerDunnLSD1 (FCS)Colgate2
BrendanDurkinLSD1 (FCS)SUNY Albany4
NathanEichnerKD1 (FCS)Alabama State3
ColtonEisenbergP/KOJC or OtherDodge City CC3
LukeElzingaPD1 (FBS)Central Michigan2
JaceFeelyK/PD1 (FBS)Arizona State3
AlexFelkinsKD1 (FCS)Columbia1Penn State
WillFerrinK/PD1 (FBS)Boise State3
JorgeFigueroaKD1 (FCS)SEMO
PatrickFoleyPD1 (FBS)Arkansas3
StefaanForbesPD1 (FBS)Texas State
JacksonFosterPD1 (FBS)Nevada Reno2
DarrenFrancisK/PJC or OtherMadonna3
BrendanFrankeK/PD1 (FBS)Nebraska2
ChanceGagnonK/PJC or OtherKeiser2
CameronGillisKD1 (FCS)Stetson
AubreyGracePD1 (FCS)Alabama State2
HunterGreenKD1 (FCS)Northern Colorado4
PrestonGreggKD2Missouri Western3
AlanGuerrieriP/KOD1 (FBS)Texas A&M2
AngeloGuglielmelloKD1 (FCS)Stony Brook2
RyanHansonPD1 (FBS)Arkansas State2James Madison
IsaacHatfieldLSD1 (FBS)NIU
ThomasHathornLSD2Henderson State1
ZachHaynesPD1 (FCS)SEMO2
TristanHeatonK/PD2Henderson State1
GabeHeinsKD1 (FBS)Nebraska2
JustinHertleinPJC or OtherJohn Pope3
TripHollowayK/PJC or OtherCumberlands2
ReedHonshteinK/PD1 (FCS)Sam Houston State2
AustinHosierKD1 (FCS)Wagner
GavinHoyleKD2Lenior Rhyne4
DanielJamiesonK/PD2NW Oklahoma St.3
ElliotJanishPJC or OtherLangston4
BraydenJohnsonK/PD1 (FCS)Indiana State3
TylerKeltnerKD1 (FCS)East Tennessee State1
DavidKempKD1 (FBS)Memphis4
JonathanKimKD1 (FBS)UNCMichigan State
GageKingLSD1( FBS)Arizona State2/3Central Florida
AlexKogaKD3Lewis and Clark2
BenjaminKrimmPD1 (FCS)Pennsylvania2Notre Dame
JakeLarsonKD1 (FCS)Richmond
AshtonLoganPD1 (FBS)Colorado4
DarioLonghettoKD1 (FBS)Cal
JackMartinK/PD1 (FBS)Alabama2Houston
BrettMoneyKD1 (FBS)New Mexico State3
SethMorganKD1 (FCS)Sam Houston2
RediMustafarajKOklahoma (Student)Oklahoma
BraydenNarvesonKD1 (FBS)WKU
AndrewNelsonKD2Sioux Falls
AshtonNgoLSJC or OtherHutchinson CC
JacobOsborneLSD2Albany State3
AndrerwOsteenPD1 (FBS)UCFMississippi State
GabrielPlascenciaK/PJC or OtherCollege of San Mateo2
WillPowersP/KOD1 (FCS)Princeton1UCLA
RexRobichLSD1 (FBS)Mississippi State3
LoganRysavyK/PJC or OtherDort4
RyanSanbornPD1 (FBS)StanfordTexas
AlexSchattinPD1 (FBS)UNC Charlotte3
AlexSchmokeKD1 (FCS)Saint Francis2
KyleSeefeldtK/PD2Upper Iowa3
ColbySessumsK/PD1 (FCS)Lamar University3
MasonShipleyKD1 (FBS)Texas State3
SpencerShraderKD1 FBSUSF1Notre Dame
HunterSmithK/PJC or OtherWarner
WillSpainLSD1 (FCS)Austin Peay State3
JackStoneKD1 (FBS)Michigan State
JackStonehousePD1 (FBS)Missouri
EstinThieleK/PD2Valdosta State1
DonVolante IIILSJC or OtherSoutheastern3
KyleWalkerK/PD2Walsh University4
JakeWalrathPD1 (FCS)Tarleton State1Central Michigan
JosephWeiersP/KOD2Livingstone College2
CharlieWeinrichKD1 (FBS)NebraskaKansas
JackWentzLSD2Lenior Rhyne
NicholasWestK/PD2Tiffin University3
SkylerWilsonK/PTennessee (Student)4
AshtonWolffKD2Central Washington4Colorado State
WilsonYeeK/PJC or OtherIndependence CC3
SlaterZellersLSD1 (FBS)Cal1Arizona State

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