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Posted January 17, 2024 | Bret

How This Event Can Help

This event has helped hundreds of players find a college home over the years. Every player will be charted, ranked in our updated transfer and senior rankings, and put on our "Best Available" list sent out monthly to college coaches through April. The finals will be broadcast on YouTube and Twitter for college coaches to see, and sent to our entire college coaching database. Historically this event has helped athletes land and move up on recruiting lists. At this point, if you (especially transfers) have not been picked up by a team, we as well as college coaches need to see you perform and see verified statistics compared to others.

Event: January 20-21, 2024

College Transfers

With the NCAA Transfer Portal rules, our staff has seen an unprecedented amount of college coaches reach out on our recommendations about athletes in the transfer portal to come into their program and make an impact right away. We are contacted by schools just about every day. Most of the transfers who have been picked up in the first window of the transfer portal are the larger-program athletes who were starters and have proven themselves as a high-level player. Many of the smaller school specialists or specialists who did not start need to find a way to put up stats and have film in some capacity to have something to stand on to get the attention of college coaches.

This is exactly what the Kohl's Transfer Showcase was created for.

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Uncommitted Seniors

This is a last-chance opportunity for uncommitted seniors to leave their mark before National Signing Day. This event has been a staple for college coaches who are looking for an athlete late in the recruiting game, and provides our only opportunity out of the year for high school athletes to get seen in an uncut video broadcast streamed directly to college coaches.

If you feel like you want this opportunity to compete live for the world to see how you compare to other good players, this competitive event is a great opportunity. We generally see about 80-100 players attend and around 25 make the final video based on charts and camp competitions.

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