1. Rhett Neese

    Rhett Neese

    Height: 5" 4' | Weight: 145lbs

    Class of 2025 | OK

    Kicker Rating:

    Punter Rating:

    Kohl's Comments

    Neese recently competed at the Kohl's Texas Showcase in May of 2022. He made 5 points during the field goal charting and had some impressive moments during the drill work portion of camp. Neese attended the Kohl’s National Showcase Tour in the spring of 2021. He charted on both field goals and kickoffs and showed some good potential for a 2025 athlete. Neese has good natural talent and as he continues to grow athletically and technically he will be a good young prospect in his class.

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    • GPA: 3.8

    Ranking Camp Results


    May 23, 2021 Southern Spring Showcase

    Training Camp Results

    06/11/2022Denver, CO - 2 Day Training Camp
    04/02/2022Oklahoma City, OK - 1 Day Training Camp
    11/07/2021Oklahoma City, OK Fall Assessment
    06/19/2021San Diego, CA - 1 Day Training Camp


    Distance: 59.00 yards – Hang time: 3.15
    Distance: 53.00 yards – Hang time: 3.47
    Distance: 53.00 yards – Hang time: 2.37
    Average Distance: 55.00 yards  |  Average Hang Time: 3.00 seconds


    Distance: 31.00 yards – Hang time: 2.86
    Distance: 29.00 yards – Hang time: 2.56
    Distance: 28.00 yards – Hang time: 3.51
    Average Distance: 29.33 yards  |  Average Hang Time: 2.98 seconds


    Distance: 61.00 yards – Hang time: 3.44
    Distance: 59.00 yards – Hang time: 3.48
    Distance: 54.00 yards – Hang time: 2.82
    Average Distance: 58.00 yards  |  Average Hang Time: 3.25 seconds


    Distance: 24.00 yards – Hang time: 3.04
    Distance: 23.00 yards – Hang time: 3.54
    Distance: 18.00 yards – Hang time: 3.71
    Average Distance: 21.67 yards  |  Average Hang Time: 3.43 seconds


    Distance: 53.00 yards – Hang time: 2.99
    Distance: 53.00 yards – Hang time: 3.08
    Distance: 51.00 yards – Hang time: 2.81
    Distance: 50.00 yards – Hang time: 2.79
    Average Distance: 51.75 yards  |  Average Hang Time: 2.92 seconds



    Distance: 49.00 yards – Hang time: 2.90
    Distance: 49.00 yards – Hang time: 3.00
    Distance: 41.00 yards – Hang time: 2.87
    Average Distance: 46.33 yards  |  Average Hang Time: 2.92 seconds


    Distance: 22.00 yards – Hang time: 3.28
    Distance: 21.00 yards – Hang time: 3.07
    Distance: 17.00 yards – Hang time: 3.75
    Average Distance: 20.00 yards  |  Average Hang Time: 3.37 seconds

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