1. Brandon Beckham

    Brandon Beckham

    Height: 6" 1' | Weight: 170lbs

    Class of 2024 | GA

    Kicker Rating:

    Punter Rating:

    Kohl's Comments

    Beckham recently competed at the 2023 Kohl's Southern Spring Showcase. He scored 5 points in the field goal charting portion of camp and scored 86.40 in the kickoff charting. His biggest charted kickoff at camp was 55 yards with 3.27 seconds of hang time. Beckham attended the 2022 Kohl's National Scholarship Camp. He competed well in both field goals and kickoffs and ultimately showed solid power and technical refinement in both. He charted11 points on field goals and was able to hit a big ball on kickoffs of 68 yards with 3.18 seconds of hang time. He has worked hard to improve his skill set and the next 12 months will be key for his overall collegiate development.


    • GPA: 4.3
    • SAT: 1430

    Ranking Camp Results


    Charting data for Brandon is unavailable at this time.

    Training Camp Results

    02/20/2021Atlanta, GA - 2 Day Training Camp


    Distance: 46.00 yards – Hang time: 2.96
    Distance: 44.00 yards – Hang time: 2.84
    Distance: 42.00 yards – Hang time: 2.70
    Average Distance: 44.00 yards  |  Average Hang Time: 2.83 seconds


    Distance: 35.00 yards – Hang time: 3.53
    Distance: 28.00 yards – Hang time: 2.76
    Distance: 26.00 yards – Hang time: 2.98
    Average Distance: 29.67 yards  |  Average Hang Time: 3.09 seconds

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