1. Roll-Out Punt Academy

    Specific training for learning roll-out and flip-flop punt techniques in American football

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June 30th, 2024

  • Loyola Academy
  • 1100 Laramie Ave
  • Wilmette, IL 60091

This camp’s focus is on roll-out punting (rugby-punt) and the flip-flop (end-over-end) punting technique. Kohl’s is actively searching the country for the best punting prospects, and versatility is now a major factor in what college coaches are looking for.

Along with the traditional spiral “in the pocket” punt, the ability to change the launch point in punting is becoming another requirement for college coaches when they are recruiting a punter. College opportunities now favor a versatile punter who can do it all. You will greatly increase your value to a college program by learning the roll-out as well as in-the-pocket punt.

Our goal from this event is that every attendees will become more proficient in roll-out punting. We as a staff feel the need to equip our campers with proper technique in order to compete in college. If an athlete has good leg speed and hand-eye coordination they should be able to be proficient in both roll-out and traditional pocket punting when proper technique is applied.

The majority of high school and college coaches will place more value on a specialist if they are able to punt both inside the pocket, and roll-out to the outside of the pocket. We want to expose each punter to both disciplines at this camp.


*Schedule may change, or be adjusted. Please ask the lead coach on-site.

Note: Snappers follow same timeline, different snapping based activities

• 9:00-9:15 Registration

• 9:15-9:30 Camp Introduction (Players & Parents)

• 9:30-10:00 Camp stretch and film Roll Out punts

• 10:00-10:45 Classroom teaching on Roll Out and Pocket punting

• 10:45-11:15 Roll Out film review

• 11:15 On-field Roll Out instruction, drill work, competitions

• 12:15-1:30 Lunch (Lunch is not provided at camp)

• 1:30-2:30 Warm-Up, drill work on either Pocket Punting or Roll Out Punting

• 2:30-2:45 Film either Roll Out or Pocket Punt (players Choice)

• 2:45-3:15 Review Film and make adjustments

• 3:15-4:15 Drill work, Competitions