1. Monthly Training Program

    National Training Center - McKinney, TX

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February 1st – December 31st, 2021

  • National Training Center
  • 882 Dowdy Rd
  • McKinney, TX 75069


Once-a-month 3-hour Practices

This program is for kickers, combo kicker/punters, and long snappers. If you are a "punter only" please contact blaine@kohlskicking.com for pricing and program schedule

This program meets once a month on the first Saturday of each month-- (Kickers from 1:30-4:30pm, Snappers 10am-1pm) for 3 hours each session. Each kicking field session will focus 2/3 of the time on field goals and kickoffs and 1/3 of the time on punting. These sessions will have a Kohl’s senior staff member leading drills, filming, breaking down film, classroom time, group competitions, and an individualized coaching progression based on where an athlete is currently at. The consistent professional coaching along with a professional atmosphere will enhance the progression of each participant.

  • 3 Month Package - 3 months from sign up date, 3 sessions $550 ($61 per hour)
  • 6 Month Package - 6 months from sign up date, 6 sessions $1000 ($55 per hour) *25% off regular Kohl's training and exposure camps
  • Full Year Package - This package lasts 365 days from when registered. The cost is $1,250. It will include the Monthly training sessions (Jan-July) and a facility membership. The facility will open and be available for use on Sunday and Wed evenings from 4-6 pm the majority of the year for athletes to use and train together with other Kohl’s athletes without a Kohl’s senior staff leading a session. *25% off regular Kohl's training and exposure camps

If you have questions regarding payment plans, feel free to reach out to heidi@kohlskicking.com

  • Residence Inn Dallas Allen/Fairview

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