1. Private Lessons

    McKinney, TX

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Private Lesson 2


March 31st, 2023

  • National Training Center
  • 882 Dowdy Rd
  • McKinney, TX 75069

Private lessons are a great way to get detailed specific coaching and we get a chance to see an athlete on film 10-15 times. In a 4 hour private lesson each athlete will receive class room instruction, drill work instruction, film review/breakdown, and individual adjustments. We ask every athlete to bring their own equipment. It helps to bring between 5-7 footballs. If you don’t have any equipment we will have some available. This session will allow an athlete to ask specific questions and work on specific drills. Some private lessons will be one-on-one, some will be larger. We will maintain a 3-to-1 ratio or lower at a Kohl’s private lesson. If we have a larger private lesson we may go longer than 4 hours if necessary. If parents are interested, they can sit in on the classroom session and take notes as well. Each athlete will have to choose one discipline (ie – Kicking, Punting, Snapping) to work on at camp. We do not have time to cover multiple specialties at the lesson. Please show up to the location 10 minutes early and have your equipment ready to go. Do not kick/punt/snap prior to our staff arriving to the location as this will wear you out for the lesson.

This lesson will be ran by Coach Kohl and go from 4pm - 8pm